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Flood preparations along the Fraser River (June 2007, New Westminster, BC)

AIDRC News and Events

Summary of the 2009 AIDRC Workshop

As part of our "Analyzing Infrastructures for Disaster Resilient Communities" project, we hosted a half-day invitational workshop on November 17th, 2009. The focus of the event was developing a shared understanding of regional vulnerabilities and infrastructure failure interdependencies resulting from a hypothetical flood scenario in the Fraser Valley. Ten participants attended the workshop, representing a variety of sectors: power, natural gas, government, health care, water, and non-governmental organizations. Prior to the workshop, preliminary expectations of service disruption were garnered from many of the participants through individual interviews. At the workshop, we presented an overview of the interview findings: potential service loss, interdependencies, and inconsistencies in expectations. The highlight of the event was the dialogue and sharing of expertise and perspectives among the sector representatives.